The finest salmon nature has to offer

The New Zealand King Salmon species of salmon that we use has a wonderfully rich, full flavor and a deep red/orange flesh color. Regal Salmon is quick, versatile and easy to prepare no matter which product you choose.

Regal Salmon is available in a variety of cuts. Our frozen portions are not only delicious, but they’re also healthy and convenient.

If you prefer Cold Smoked Salmon, we offer a range of flavors to suit all tastes.

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Manuka wood smoked salmon - crafted sophistication

Manuka, or New Zealand Tea Tree, is a small resilient tree with pointy leaves and white flowers. Manuka wood has a long tradition of being used for smoking fish and game meats in New Zealand. This deep, rich, sophisticated flavor is beautifully presented in our handcrafted Regal Manuka Wood Smoked Salmon.

We cure it with sea salt and brown sugar, then slowly smoke it for several hours over native New Zealand manuka wood. The result is a smoked salmon that is rich in aroma, vibrant in color and delicious on the palate. A true “taste of New Zealand.”

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