Top 3 Fall Recipes

Crisp weather, cozy sweaters, and festive feelings are starting to fill the air! It’s that time of year for pumpkin picking, hay rides and watching the colors change. For all of your Fall festivities, we have comforting and delicious recipes the whole family will enjoy.

Whether you’re craving tequila and tortillas for your Dead of the Dead cocktail party, looking for an easy finger-food to make with the kids before ‘treat or treating’ on Halloween, or searching for a heart-warming recipe to tuck in to on a cold night, look no further than Regal New Zealand King Salmon.

Regal Salmon Antipasto Halloween Eyeballs

Regal Manuka Cold Smoked Salmon and Swiss Cheese Baked Potatoes

Day of the Dead Grilled Tortillas with Regal Smoked Salmon