The Regal brand is owned by the New Zealand King Salmon Company. Our King salmon are raised in arguably the cleanest rearing environments in the world, and we’re committed to keeping it that way. From the crystal clear waters flowing from Te Waikoropupū Springs near Takaka, to the majestic marine environment that is the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand King Salmon are farmed in one of the most sustainable ways possible.

Through hard work and innovation, New Zealand King Salmon has developed into one of New Zealand’s leading Aquaculture companies.  We are respected for our clean, healthy and humane practices as well as our superior quality salmon.

Raised in the crystal clear waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds, Regal King Salmon is known for its incredible flavour, colour, texture and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. So when you choose Regal King Salmon you can be sure you’re enjoying some of the finest salmon in the world.

What we do

We’re proud of the world-class beautiful, healthy and delicious salmon that we farm – you can’t get any better. To find out more about what we do and how we do it click here to watch our video.

Our Brand Story

Regal New Zealand King Salmon is a progressive and innovative brand. We are always looking to create the finest possible product and have an incredible reputation around the world. Download our brand book to read our story and find out what makes our salmon a cut above the rest.

A Sustainable Story

Not only the best in terms of taste and nutritional quality, our King salmon are farmed in one of the most sustainable ways possible.

Nurtured from birth in crystal clear waters flowing from Te Waikoropupū Springs near Takaka, our salmon begin life in protected isolation. When they are ready, they are transferred to sea farms in the Marlborough Sounds. The cool, deep, clear waters of the Sounds are ideal for salmon production. The unique characteristics of this isolated area allow us to raise our salmon without the use of antibiotics. Our salmon have plenty of room with stocking rates resulting in only 2% of the sea farm volume being occupied by salmon and the remaining 98% being water.

Regal king Salmon has achieved the world-leading Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification from The Global Aquaculture Alliance. In addition, the New Zealand King salmon industry received the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Green/Best Choice rating in 2015, the only marine-farmed salmon to achieve this rating.

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Farmed Regal Salmon vs Wild Catch

Wild catch, while considered the sustainable choice of the past, is now not necessarily a safe alternative. As the world’s growing demand for protein continues to rise, salmon are becoming less prevalent in the wild due to overfishing. Eco-certified aquaculture companies, like Regal, are a sustainable solution to this growing demand, as we can reproduce what we harvest. “The global population is increasing, and in order to maintain at least the current level of per-capita consumption of aquatic foods, the world will require an additional 23 million tonnes thereof by 2020” FAO, 2012.

By name checking for Regal New Zealand King Salmon you are supporting good quality, sustainable produce and responsible stewardship practices.

Farmed New Zealand Salmon vs Other Farmed Salmon

There are so many different styles of farmed salmon in the US, generally farmed Atlantic, Pink or Sockeye. While we also farm salmon, we are very unique to other farmed salmon companies. Overall, New Zealand salmon farms are considered more environmentally sound. The result is a superior product that you can feel good about eating.

Our King salmon are grown and nurtured in the cool, deep waters of New Zealand’s breathtaking Marlborough Sounds. We raise our salmon in a clean environment, free of antibiotics. Our salmon have plenty of room, with 2% stocking rates to 98% water. Our salmon’s feed is GMO and BSE-free, fully traceable and contains fish oil and meal from sustainable fisheries. New Zealand marine farms have achieved the Green/Best Choice rating from Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program.

Regal King Salmon has achieved three stars from the world-leading Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification from The Global Aquaculture Alliance for all of our hatcheries, farms and processing facilities. Not only are we more sustainable than other farmed salmon, King salmon is richer and superior in taste, texture and color. Highly versatile, King salmon has a higher oil content that makes it easier for home cooks to produce good results. King salmon is often referred to internationally by top chefs as offering a superior eating experience.